BitcoinIreland 21 Feb 2014 meeting minutes

Minutes of BitcoinIreland meeting held 21 Feb 2014 7pm at TCube, Dublin.


  • Sean Andrews (via Skype)
  • Glenn Bolger
  • Tim Callagy
  • David Fleming
  • Alan Kennedy
  • Ronan Lynch
  • Fergal Murray (Chair)
  • Michał Rudnicki


Fergal and Alan

Update on website

Site is live with a basic set of content at at  More content to be added by members of the group.

Glenn to solicit news content from everyone, set up publishing schedule, and ensure regular publication of new content.

Michał and Glenn to investigate at Asana for editorial and publishing workflow.

Michał to add “News” section to homepage, driven by new blog entries.

Promoting BitcoinIreland

BTM launch imminent. Will feature BitcoinIreland logo and URL. Will arrange promotional activities around that event. Tim and Sean to liase with venue marketing.

Tim to seek to acquire an unused but apt twitter handle for BitcoinIreland.

Collectively, we are to tweet more, with #bitcoinireland hashtag.

Planning more events

Two events currently planned and published on site.

Consider joining GBA

Fergal attended Inside Bitcoins Berlin and gave a short briefing on the conference and the augural meeting of GBA ( which happened during the conference. BitcoinIreland can affiliate with GBA in its current form. Decision taken to join GBA.

Update on Bitcoin Foundation affiliation requirements

Affiliation with Bitcoin Foundation is available only to incorporated organizations, which should be non-profit. In Ireland, incorporating as a non-profit bring restrictions and obligations including statutory requirement for annual audited accounts. While we support the objectives of the Bitcoin Foundation, BitcoinIreland does not wish to incorporate at present. Will re-consider at next meeting.

Update on Bitcoin Conference in Dublin – 3-4 July 2014

Fergal is organizing a major international Bitcoin event in Dublin on 3-4 July.  Pre-launch site is live at  Initial speakers and venue are secured.  Launch of website site and media launch of event within weeks.

Event and BitcoinIreland will promote each other. BitcoinIreland will be publicised as a sponsor of the event, and BitcoinIreland members will participate in organizing the event.

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