(28 July 2014) Bitcoin Ireland Conference

Place: Oil Can Harries pub



  • Paul Williams
  • Peter Doherty
  • Ronan Lynch
  • Tim Callagy (Chair)
  • Mado Doherty
  • Martin Codyre
  • Fergal Murray

1. (3-4 Jul 2014) RDS – BitFin Conference


An outline of the gathering was made by Murray. The reason for the summit wasn’t to profit, it was to put us on the guide and attract the universal Bitcoin system to Ireland. This idea was successful and all attendees make useful contacts there. The open door for cooperation was likewise welcomed in the positive input from the gathering participants. Many attendees said that next time we ought to do it in London, as it would pull in a substantially bigger group.

BrsHIM6IYAAqhorWhat we found out: Fergal refused to share the activity via the internet, so he was in charge of eve-rything. Nonetheless, next time there will be more coordinators who will take the work. The speak-ers were happy, but it was extremely tedious sorting out them all. There was likewise a huge amount of offers and promoting work for ticket deals. He would likewise pick other dates next time, as the meeting corresponded with the Day of Liberty in the USA and the World Championship. It would be better to coincide it with other holidays or occasions.

Next Steps:

  • Mr. Murray will make notes of the meetup and add it to the net.
  • It will be a great idea to make the similar meetings with tech, social, political and other topics.
  • As well as in the United Kingdom, it will be great to organize the B-coin business association.
  • Legal discussions regarding bitcoin in the UK can be appropriate in Ireland too.

2. (5-6 Jul 2014) Liffey Trust Centre – Hackathon


An outline of the gathering was given by P.Williams. We figured out how to draw in many members and some intriguing activities left it. Many creators were interested, however, weren’t there due to national holidays. Maybe a couple designers would have had any kind of effect. The scene was bril-liant and would be useful for future hackathons, particularly considering the trouble we had in nail-ing down a set at first. Realex ventured up again to give sponsorship, and Moolah likewise got in-cluded as a support. The event demonstrated that there are a group of individuals who need to con-tact with each other.

Next Steps:

  • Mr. Williams will make notes of the meetup and add it to the net.
  • All attendees will give ideas for the next conference format. One occasion will be for several people, all others will enjoy the gathering in a workshop style.

3. Bitcoin Ireland in Google

EZ2011_BSK-AerialPhotos-3046-608x405The group of Bitcoin Ireland effortlessly has the biggest centralization of bitcoin aptitude in Ireland. Attempt to google “Bitcoin Ireland”, you may discover bitcoinireland.org, not on the highest point of google comes about but rather on the second page. You may inquire as to for what reason don’t we get data with respect to BTC Ireland?

Most likely this may take a ton of time and endeavors to get the correct data and to make individuals subscribe you by means of online media, also to make the mailing list. You are to make it valuable for a few classes of individuals to join our group and be on the mailing rundown and web-based social networking gatherings. Rather, we make it hard.

All settled on the choice that we require a media officer as a solitary purpose of contact for the gathering. Be that as it may, every one of the participants declined to volunteer for this part. Then again, we do have individual impetuses to hold meetups and occasions. We should consider this when defining the objectives of the gathering.

4. Future occasions


Everyone concurred that there is a requirement for normal, quality meetups. Nonetheless, the issue with meetups is that you require duty and budgetary supporters. Circle or Realex may be keen on giving that sponsorship. A settled area would likewise be a major preferred standpoint. Extraordinary compared to other free places was Wayra. Next is TCube with the cost of 150 euro for the occasion.

We would like to enable new individuals to comprehend and securely utilize bitcoin. In any case, perhaps structuring some materials is better done online rather than gathering. It may bode well to devote our opportunity to instructing traders and supporting Bitcoin new companies as opposed to teaching novices.

Next Steps:

  • Make the regular and fixed-place conferences with Realex.

B-Coin in Dublin (Ireland)

Satoshis 327

The company – Bitcoin Dublin – began providing services for all who are interested in bitcoins around Dublin and the whole country. Also, they offer consultations regarding other different cryptos. They hold the meetups to tell about the influence of crypto coins on the social and financial like.

Next time we meet on Thursday (August 14, 2014) at 7 pm. 31 Attendings. Check all here – Meetup of blockchain analysis

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