BitcoinIreland inaugural meeting minutes

Minutes of BitcoinIreland meeting held 31 Jan 2014 6pm at TCube, Dublin.


  • Sean Andrews (via Skype)
  • Glenn Bolger
  • Tim Callagy
  • Lorraine Carpenter
  • David Fleming
  • Stephen Hendron
  • Ronan Lynch
  • Fergal Murray
  • Michał Rudnicki
  • Jean-Pierre Rupp


Agreed to establish “BitcoinIreland”, an association with the following objectives:

  • Host regular events
  • Promote bitcoin in Ireland
  • Promote Ireland as a location for bitcoin and blockchain-based companies

We will proceed for now without an incorporated legal structure. Membership is open to anyone. At present, no fees will be charged.  Events will be funded via admission fees.

Will seek to get more info on Bitcoin Foundation / Global Bitcoin Alliance to investigate possibility of affiliating.

Michał Rudnicki to create a WordPress based website for BitcoinIreland.

Anyone can contribute content.  Michael Ryan (not present) has offered to assist with logos / creative.

Glenn Bolger to serve as news editor for the site.

We will review status and initial content on Friday 7th Feb, with a view to launching the site the following week at

Ronan to investigate finding appropriate physical space which could be used by BitcoinIreland members for events or co-working.  Lease would be held by Ronan, and/or any other individuals who wished to participate, and BitcoinIreland would compensate the leaseholders for use of the space.

Fergal to investigate the possibility of hosting an international Bitcoin-related conference in Dublin summer 2014, which would run though a limited company.

Lorraine to act as treasurer for any pooled/shared expenses.

Other business

Agreed to hold future meetings at 7pm to allow people to travel from work.

Next meeting to be held approx 2-3 weeks from now.  Will be announced on BTC-Dublin, and we will invite other people who may be interested in attending.

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