Bitcoin practical workshop slides

On January 29th Ronan Lynch led a class on common Bitcoin wallet software and exchange services. Here is a PDF with slides from Ronan’s presentation. The material covers:

  • How to generate a secure password? What’s entropy and why is it important? What’s a password manager?
  • How to sign up to an exchange?
  • What is an exchange? Why are the prices different on different exchanges? Which are the most common/liquid exchanges and factors to be aware of?
  • Which wallets are available/can I use to store coins?
  • How do I make paper backups/offline wallets?
  • What’s a BIP?
  • What’s cryptography and what’s it got to do with Bitcoin?
  • Practical financial considerations from a Bitcoin perspective such as trade accounting.

Bitcoin-Practical-Workshop-Ronan-Lynch-Bitcoin-Ireland (PDF)

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