Step-by-step Guide on Buying Dash in Ireland

buying dash in IrelandDash is among world’s the most valuable virtual currencies for now. It was created in 2014. How does it differ from other cryptos? The currency uses another encryption technology. It was developed with a focus on confidentiality and anonymity. Unlike Bitcoin, Dash payments are not displayed publicly. It is possible due to the PrivateSend system.

The developers’ objective is to make the digital cash become a convenient and easy-to-use means for everyday purchases. And, currently, it operates worldwide. The price is 446.26 USD for now. You can buy the coins with convenience and ease. We shall describe these methods in details.

Ways to Purchase Dash Instantly

There are lots of ways to obtain the coins. However, first of all, you need to get Dash wallet. The purses can be hardware and software. The hardware one is the most secure and reliable type. Users also call it “cold” because it has no constant internet connection. You link it to the web only in order to make operations. Thus, your finances are safe.

The software can be desktop, mobile and online. These applications, unfortunately, have a limited functionality. In addition, they are more vulnerable to malware, hacking and other issues related to digital systems. On the other hand, they are free of charge. We would recommend you to obtain various storages.

Buy Dash with Fiat Currency

You can easily buy the tokens with fiat currencies. For this, you have to find the crypto exchange. These websites offer multiple payment options such as credit/debit cards, wire transfers, and electronic wallets. The largest platforms function globally, and you can obtain the coins from wherever you are.

dash buying methods That is the most convenient feature, as you complete all the payments via the Internet. However, each operator sets its own rules. Among them are transfer fees and limits. The compensation can be as low as a half of 1%. Side by side with this, you can meet 5% or even 10% charge, which is extremely high.

You can also find peer-to-peer platforms where people arrange the process on their own. However, these websites may be risky because you deal with certain people who can deceive you easily. You should look at the profiles and their ratings carefully. Sometimes these exchanges do not allow you taking coins back. Thus, this way is not the most popular.

Get Coins with Brokers

Brokers are the platforms providing the ability to trade with crypto-and fiat currencies. These operators do not charge any commission for making deposits, completing cashouts. You have to pay the fees only during trading. They are different for seller and buyers. However, in any case, they are low – from 0.1% to 0.2%.

buy dash with brokerIn addition, the exchange rate is often frozen. This is especially important in the event of digital cash, as its course changes too often. Thus, you can buy Dash with a fixed price. Also, there are fewer requirements for new users. You may not need to give sensitive private info while registering.

Speaking of deposit/withdrawal limitations, they vary from one website to another. In general, you may expect around 6,000 dollars/euro or the same worth of altcoin. These limits also depend on your payment option. For instance, with SEPA transfers you may be able to output up to $500,000 per day.

Obtain Cryptos via ATM

You can obtain Dash at specialized cryptocurrency ATMs. Unfortunately, you will not find any of these machines in Ireland. The only one located in Dublin supports only Bitcoin. The nearest ones are in the UK and the USA.

The buying process is simple. You need to fill out your wallet address. Then inset the banknotes. You will see the coin worth of your deposit. That is convenient as you always see what sum will go to your wallet. Then press “send” and you’ll get your crypto on the wallet. This way is expensive by reason of high charges and small purchase limits – around $3,000 (6.38 DASH).

Trading with Dash

If you want to gain profits from Dash rate changes, you can try trading. It is possible on both crypto exchanges and brokers. Sometimes you do not even need to create the wallet for this.

Acquire Bitcoin at First

trade to aquire dashNormally, the platforms accept trading Dash for other cryptocurrencies. Thus, you need to get Bitcoin first. You can do this on the BTC website or on the exchange. It is easy to purchase Bitcoins.

You need to create an account on the trading platform. After that, interlink it with the payment option you choose. And what is more, numerous methods are available – from plastic cards to banking transfers. Then obtain BTC with fiat cash.

Swap BTC for Dash Coins

Now you can swap your Bitcoins for Dash. There is always a chart showing the price movement. You can see how the coins grow or fall. Now, it is time to find the exchange pair “BTC/DASH”. For this, you have to make an order. Generally, there are several order types:

  • Market. It is the most common one. This allows you to use the best rate;
  • Limit. You set the max buy price;
  • Stop. It starts working only after it reaches the set price level.

After that, you need to wait until the trade completes (depending on the chosen time frames).


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