Wayra Bitcoin Meetup

A special bitcoin meetup focusing on indigenous new start-up companies and the problems they solve in the Bitcoin ecosystem.

Overview of market opportunities for blockchain based technologies – Martin Codyre

Martin Codyre will present a brief overview of the opportunities in the ecosystem that have been enabled by Satoshi Nakamoto’s breakthrough solution to the Byzantine Generals Problem that has made bitcoin like products feasible.

The State of Bitcoin Security – Jean Pierre Rupp – Haskoin

Bitcoin key storage and strategies for safekeeping, such as offline wallets, brainwallets and multi-signature accounts.
Jean-Pierre Rupp works on multi-signature hierarchical deterministic wallet technology at Haskoin, a Bitcoin technology startup in Dublin.

Colored coins and the future of Bitcoin – Flavien Charlon

Flavien Charlon will give an overview of the concept of colored coins, and how the Bitcoin network can be utilized to store and exchange in a decentralized way stocks, currencies, properties and many other kind of assets. He will then offer an exclusive preview of a new service relating to colored coins.

Q & A with Speakers

Time will be limited but if you are working on (or want to work on) startup ideas in the Bitcoin ecosystem let us know (by emailing martin.codyre@gmail.com) and we may be able to give you a short timeslot. ( This would be great for anyone looking to start a new business and looking for cofounders)

Bios of speakers:

Martin Codyre:
Martin gave his first public talk on Bitcoin in Dublin in early 2012 and has been a keen advocate since 2011. He has been fascinated by cryptocurrencies since first researching them in 2003. A veteran of Wall Street where he built algorithmic trading systems for 11 years for firms like Goldman Sachs and Merrill Lynch before getting bored and jumping into the startup space in 2007.
Jean Pierre Rupp:
Jean Pierre is the CTO of Haskoin, a Dublin based company setting a new standard and paradigm in Bitcoin wallet security. Jean Pierre has been involved in the Bitcoin community for several years. He is well known globally in Bitcoin having discovered a major Bitcoin Android wallet vulnerability in August 2013 which made global news and also contibuted to the mojocoin test faucet

Flavien Charlon:
Flavien Charlon is the CEO the Dublin startup Predictious, a Bitcoin prediction and derivative market where users trade predictions about future events. Flavien Charlon has previously worked on social and mobile applications, and got involved with Bitcoin in 2012.

To confirm attendance please register on Meetup event page.

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