About Us

Bitcoin Ireland is the voice of the Bitcoin community in Ireland. Membership is open to anyone with a professional or personal interest in Bitcoin or related technologies.  At present there are no membership fees. Bitcoiners are a diverse bunch, and we welcome everyone. Come join us.

As an organization, BitcoinIreland has three primary objectives.

Host regular events

We have hosted Bitcoin events in Dublin since June 2013.  Topics have ranged from basic introductions to Bitcoin to more detailed technical presentations. We continue to host regular events, and would be glad to make speakers or presentation materials available to anyone else who would like to organize a Bitcoin-related event anywhere in Ireland.  See our list of upcoming events, and come join us.

Promote bitcoin in Ireland

We believe that Bitcoin has the potential to improve everyone’s lives.  As a payment system, Bitcoin can prevent fraud, reduce costs, and protect privacy.  That said, Bitcoin is a young technology; the tools are only starting to mature, and there are serious risks that must be understood and mitigated.  We want to help people and organizations understand Bitcoin, so they can use it safely and confidently. We can offer an informed commercial and economic perspective along with technical expertise  to journalists, institutions, policymakers, regulatory authorities and elected representatives who wish to understand more about bitcoin. If you’d like to talk to us, please get in touch.

Promote Ireland as a location for Bitcoin-related companies

Bitcoin is a rapidly-growing ecosystem. The bitcoin currency and payment system are the first applications of an underlying technology has the potential to transform entire industries and enable completely new products and services.  Ireland has strong technology, payments and financial services industries, and has already attracted many of the world’s leading companies in those sectors.  We want to invite Bitcoin companies and entrepreneurs to make Ireland their home, with a goal of placing Ireland at the forefront of a new wave of innovation and economic growth.

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