(28 July 2014) Bitcoin Ireland Conference

Place: Oil Can Harries pub



  • Paul Williams
  • Peter Doherty
  • Ronan Lynch
  • Tim Callagy (Chair)
  • Mado Doherty
  • Martin Codyre
  • Fergal Murray

1. (3-4 Jul 2014) RDS – BitFin Conference


An outline of the gathering was made by Murray. The reason for the summit wasn’t to profit, it was to put us on the guide and attract the universal Bitcoin system to Ireland. This idea was successful and all attendees make useful contacts there. The open door for cooperation was likewise welcomed in the positive input from the gathering participants. Many attendees said that next time we ought to do it in London, as it would pull in a substantially bigger group.

BrsHIM6IYAAqhorWhat we found out: Fergal refused to share the activity via the internet, so he was in charge of eve-rything. Nonetheless, next time there will be more coordinators who will take the work. The speak-ers were happy, but it was extremely tedious sorting out them all. There was likewise a huge amount of offers and promoting work for ticket deals. He would likewise pick other dates next time, as the meeting corresponded with the Day of Liberty in the USA and the World Championship. It would be better to coincide it with other holidays or occasions.

Next Steps:

  • Mr. Murray will make notes of the meetup and add it to the net.
  • It will be a great idea to make the similar meetings with tech, social, political and other topics.
  • As well as in the United Kingdom, it will be great to organize the B-coin business association.
  • Legal discussions regarding bitcoin in the UK can be appropriate in Ireland too.

2. (5-6 Jul 2014) Liffey Trust Centre – Hackathon


An outline of the gathering was given by P.Williams. We figured out how to draw in many members and some intriguing activities left it. Many creators were interested, however, weren’t there due to national holidays. Maybe a couple designers would have had any kind of effect. The scene was bril-liant and would be useful for future hackathons, particularly considering the trouble we had in nail-ing down a set at first. Realex ventured up again to give sponsorship, and Moolah likewise got in-cluded as a support. The event demonstrated that there are a group of individuals who need to con-tact with each other.

Next Steps:

  • Mr. Williams will make notes of the meetup and add it to the net.
  • All attendees will give ideas for the next conference format. One occasion will be for several people, all others will enjoy the gathering in a workshop style.

3. Bitcoin Ireland in Google

EZ2011_BSK-AerialPhotos-3046-608x405The group of Bitcoin Ireland effortlessly has the biggest centralization of bitcoin aptitude in Ireland. Attempt to google “Bitcoin Ireland”, you may discover bitcoinireland.org, not on the highest point of google comes about but rather on the second page. You may inquire as to for what reason don’t we get data with respect to BTC Ireland?

Most likely this may take a ton of time and endeavors to get the correct data and to make individuals subscribe you by means of online media, also to make the mailing list. You are to make it valuable for a few classes of individuals to join our group and be on the mailing rundown and web-based social networking gatherings. Rather, we make it hard.

All settled on the choice that we require a media officer as a solitary purpose of contact for the gathering. Be that as it may, every one of the participants declined to volunteer for this part. Then again, we do have individual impetuses to hold meetups and occasions. We should consider this when defining the objectives of the gathering.

4. Future occasions


Everyone concurred that there is a requirement for normal, quality meetups. Nonetheless, the issue with meetups is that you require duty and budgetary supporters. Circle or Realex may be keen on giving that sponsorship. A settled area would likewise be a major preferred standpoint. Extraordinary compared to other free places was Wayra. Next is TCube with the cost of 150 euro for the occasion.

We would like to enable new individuals to comprehend and securely utilize bitcoin. In any case, perhaps structuring some materials is better done online rather than gathering. It may bode well to devote our opportunity to instructing traders and supporting Bitcoin new companies as opposed to teaching novices.

Next Steps:

  • Make the regular and fixed-place conferences with Realex.

B-Coin in Dublin (Ireland)

Satoshis 327

The company – Bitcoin Dublin – began providing services for all who are interested in bitcoins around Dublin and the whole country. Also, they offer consultations regarding other different cryptos. They hold the meetups to tell about the influence of crypto coins on the social and financial like.

Next time we meet on Thursday (August 14, 2014) at 7 pm. 31 Attendings. Check all here – Meetup of blockchain analysis

Check out this Meetup Group →

TechCraft podcast turns attention to Bitcoin

The quality technical podcasts were made some time by the people at Tech Craft company. When listening to the audio with several series and getting more about btc, these guys understood that this topic is worth of full episodes of recordings.

Dublin city is the place where the half of the company is located. Some Irish flavor can be traced with locals from the B-coin organizations in Ireland, which invites guests also.

Find more: @Tech Craft Nation


The politician from Ireland about BTC – Ossian Smyth

A candidate from Green Party announced that he accepts btc donations to help his campaign in Dún Laoghaire elections. As he considers, that Bitcoin is the good opportunity to change the aspects of our lives and has the potential to do that. His major interest in the transparent money flow via government. Everybody can see his btc donation address here: https://www.blockchain.com/btc/address/1DCa4L6g9E2FYu9U8ZuHxk3Esr6RtjkWUK

We met the politician at the social night on Wednesday. The event was held in The Baggot. We interviewed him a little bit regarding the background of such a decision.


1 – Should politicians support Bitcoin?

BTC is a decentralized digital coin, so why is it so important for politics?

If BTC undermines the political interests, then cryptos will be curtailed. So when your stocks of metal fall in price or business of payment processing suffer in case bitcoin gain popularity then people can lobby to forbidden btc.

Here we present the common actions taken by politicians that can affect and damage BTC development.


2 – Taxes

Politics can make bitcoin transactions taxable, as Ireland did so. That means that you have to pay income tax and declare it for any transaction. Still, it’s not known if the gains with bitcoin are taxed by Irish Revenue.


3 – Limits on trading platforms

Check the exchange you trade on – if it’s illegal, all Bitcoin funds can be frozen and never returned to the owners.


4 – Banking limitations

Same is here if banks consider Bitcoin transfers as an illegal option like money laundering or so, then all bitcoins, people’s trading accounts will be blocked.


5 – Ban

It’s crucial to understand that if someone wants to use BTC illegally, then all fair transactions will be discriminated by such people which lead to a stronger association with criminality.


6 – Prohibition on Developers

As we know the US government restricted the foreign online casinos and betting rooms to accept citizens of the US. And most of them followed this. All that rejected the rules were punished by law on the American territory. For the developers of BTC and its foundation board, it crucial not to become an outlaw.


7 – What Can Politics do to help BTC growth?

  • Make bitcoin developing without political interference.
  • Not to levy taxes for crypto transactions and gaining.
  • Make BTC be a payment method for the government.

  • Enforce the NCA (National Customer Agency) to assist people regarding safe transfers of btc.

  • Make the Central Bank of Ireland regulate crypto exchanges.


My advice – choosing the candidate, you need to understand that your decisions make influence the future of technologies regulations.


by Ossian Smyth (@smytho)

Candidate in Dun Laoghaire local election

Comparing Bitcoin in EU and Ireland

One of our aims of the website is to give Ireland the status of the country with good conditions for BTC firms. That’s why we’ll show the difference in EU countries’ regarding engaging international organizations and cultivating domestic crackajack. The biggest B-coin companies are in the UK, where there are more than 1,500 people in the conference group in London. Here the meetings are organized over the minute. The second country is Germany. Here bitcoin was announced as money at first. It doesn’t have the sense to compare IE with this area, as Ireland is a small country and we’ll try to show the difference with the similar countries which compete with IE especially in innovation boosting.

The survey showed up that 1 of 10 citizens can invest in cryptocurrency, this means that county is highly aware. The people here like all new so Finland is one of the first installing BTC ATMs. Its central bank tax the earnings but not the losses. A big bcoin exchange (LocalBitcoin) was set up here.

It was said by Financial Authority that it’s not necessary to get permission to open a trading platform in the country. Besides, it was confirmed that all the profits, and through crypto exchanging, are not taxable. Danish awareness is still low, so there are not so many exchanges. One exception is BIPS.

Social interest in Israel is high as a result of the high economics growth in the country. Spreading the popularity of BTC many communities and groups make lectures, conferences, and meetups, many exchanges offer their services of trading this crypto. There is a popular place where people can just talk about BTC – the Israeli Bitcoin Embassy. Besides the market grows with new-launched companies that become famous in the country and abroad.

A player who is struggling to gain weigh in EU is Holland. The popularity of b-coin is wide, so in the country, there are many shops accepting crypto. The Hague street counts over nine public places where b-coin is available. Also, it concerns the delivery service providing by nearly 5 thousand cafes and restaurants. Also, the banking system (3 of 4 banks) has the supporting attitude toward bitcoin payments. These institutions invited the group of experts to make presentations about BTC.  Dutch even offered the bcoin CEOs the offices and accounts in banks in case they want to move business to EU. Responding to this, BitPay is thinking of relocating the headquarters to the capital of the Netherlands.


Circle is one of the biggest operators. Its paying processors and cryptowallets will be launched soon. Projects such as BitWasp, Predictious, Haskoin, CoinPrism, and EirCoin are also well-known startups. Notwithstanding, there are many tech organizations with a poor reputation so somebody still thinks of b-coins as ponzi schemes. Unfortunately, it’s still low cooperation between the group and banking structures on the island.


Bitcoin now buys you a drink in Baggot Inn

Baggot Inn — this pub is one of the first pubs in our country, which accepts BTC. The starting of payment gateway happened in March and attracted a small crowd of bitcoin enthusiasts.

Glenn and Chris - the first pint paid in bitcoin

Glenn and Chris – the first pint paid in bitcoin

Glenn was the first to get paid in BTC. After that, Peter make a joke about the amount of confirmations required to get your drink, as the excitement was causing some drinks to stuck half-filled beside the tap.

Jean-Pierre getting his pint paid in bitcoin

Jean-Pierre getting his pint paid in bitcoin

iPhone users had few bumps on the way, but generally transactions were processed nearly instantaneously. Free Internet network was in place to permise payments with mobile wallets.

Bitcoin now buys you a drink in The Baggot Inn

Bitcoin now buys you a drink in The Baggot Inn

Baggot Inn has a plan to install Bitcoin ATM. The machine is a Robocoin ATM capable of both vending bitcoin and dispensing cash.

BitcoinIreland 21 Feb 2014 meeting minutes

Minutes of BitcoinIreland meeting held 21 Feb 2014 7pm at TCube, Dublin.


  • Sean Andrews (via Skype)
  • Glenn Bolger
  • Tim Callagy
  • David Fleming
  • Alan Kennedy
  • Ronan Lynch
  • Fergal Murray (Chair)
  • Michał Rudnicki


Fergal and Alan

Update on website

Site is live with a basic set of content at at www.bitcoinireland.org.  More content to be added by members of the group.

Glenn to solicit news content from everyone, set up publishing schedule, and ensure regular publication of new content.

Michał and Glenn to investigate at Asana for editorial and publishing workflow.

Michał to add “News” section to homepage, driven by new blog entries.

Promoting BitcoinIreland

BTM launch imminent. Will feature BitcoinIreland logo and URL. Will arrange promotional activities around that event. Tim and Sean to liase with venue marketing.

Tim to seek to acquire an unused but apt twitter handle for BitcoinIreland.

Collectively, we are to tweet more, with #bitcoinireland hashtag.

Planning more events

Two events currently planned and published on site.

Consider joining GBA

Fergal attended Inside Bitcoins Berlin and gave a short briefing on the conference and the augural meeting of GBA (http://www.global-bitcoin-alliance.org) which happened during the conference. BitcoinIreland can affiliate with GBA in its current form. Decision taken to join GBA.

Update on Bitcoin Foundation affiliation requirements

Affiliation with Bitcoin Foundation is available only to incorporated organizations, which should be non-profit. In Ireland, incorporating as a non-profit bring restrictions and obligations including statutory requirement for annual audited accounts. While we support the objectives of the Bitcoin Foundation, BitcoinIreland does not wish to incorporate at present. Will re-consider at next meeting.

Update on Bitcoin Conference in Dublin – 3-4 July 2014

Fergal is organizing a major international Bitcoin event in Dublin on 3-4 July.  Pre-launch site is live at www.bitconf.eu.  Initial speakers and venue are secured.  Launch of website site and media launch of event within weeks.

Event and BitcoinIreland will promote each other. BitcoinIreland will be publicised as a sponsor of the event, and BitcoinIreland members will participate in organizing the event.

BitcoinIreland 21 Feb 2014 meeting agenda

When: 21 Feb 2014 7pm – 8pm
Where: TCube, Dublin

Agenda for BitcoinIreland – 21 Feb 2014:

  1. Update on website
  2. Promoting BitcoinIreland
  3. Planning more events
  4. Consider joining GBA
  5. Update on Bitcoin Foundation affiliation requirements
  6. Update on Conference in Dublin – 3-4 July 2014

Bitcoin practical workshop slides

On January 29th Ronan Lynch led a class on general BTC wallet soft and crypto exchange services. Here is a PDF with slides from Ronan’s presentation. The material covers:

  • Secure passwords generating and managing
  • Entropy and its importance
  • Exchanges and signing-up
  • Available wallets and instruction to storing coins
  • Paper backups
  • Cryptography and Bitcoin
  • Introduction into BIP
  • Bitcoin perspectives

Bitcoin-Practical-Workshop-Ronan-Lynch-Bitcoin-Ireland (PDF)

BitcoinIreland inaugural meeting minutes

Minutes of BitcoinIreland meeting held 31 Jan 2014 6pm at TCube, Dublin.


  • Sean Andrews (via Skype)
  • Glenn Bolger
  • Tim Callagy
  • Lorraine Carpenter
  • David Fleming
  • Stephen Hendron
  • Ronan Lynch
  • Fergal Murray
  • Michał Rudnicki
  • Jean-Pierre Rupp


Agreed to establish “BitcoinIreland”, an association with the following objectives:

  • Host regular events
  • Promote bitcoin in Ireland
  • Promote Ireland as a location for bitcoin and blockchain-based companies

We will proceed for now without an incorporated legal structure. Membership is open to anyone. At present, no fees will be charged.  Events will be funded via admission fees.

Will seek to get more info on Bitcoin Foundation / Global Bitcoin Alliance to investigate possibility of affiliating.

Michał Rudnicki to create a WordPress based website for BitcoinIreland.

Anyone can contribute content.  Michael Ryan (not present) has offered to assist with logos / creative.

Glenn Bolger to serve as news editor for the site.

We will review status and initial content on Friday 7th Feb, with a view to launching the site the following week at www.bitcoinireland.org

Ronan to investigate finding appropriate physical space which could be used by BitcoinIreland members for events or co-working.  Lease would be held by Ronan, and/or any other individuals who wished to participate, and BitcoinIreland would compensate the leaseholders for use of the space.

Fergal to investigate the possibility of hosting an international Bitcoin-related conference in Dublin summer 2014, which would run though a limited company.

Lorraine to act as treasurer for any pooled/shared expenses.

Other business

Agreed to hold future meetings at 7pm to allow people to travel from work.

Next meeting to be held approx 2-3 weeks from now.  Will be announced on BTC-Dublin, and we will invite other people who may be interested in attending.

BitcoinIreland inaugural meeting agenda

BitcoinIreland inaugural meeting – 31 Jan 2014, TCube Dublin

  1. Decide the name and objectives of the organization – eg.
    • Hosting Regular Events
    • Organizing international Bitcoin conference in Dublin in Summer/Autumn 2014
    • Promoting Bitcoin in Ireland
    • Promoting Ireland as a location for bitcoin and blockchain-based companies
    • Establishing a dedicated physical space in Dublin
  2. Decide a legal structure
  3. Decide on whether or not to affiliate with the Bitcoin Foundation and/or Global Bitcoin Alliance
  4. Establish membership levels and fees
  5. Establish any necessary working groups, eg.
    • Website
    • Events
    • Organizational Development, Fundraising
    • Public Advocacy, PR, Media relations
    • Public Policy, Regulatory
    • Engagement with EI, IDA
  6. Take up a collection (in coin) to fund setup