Wayra Bitcoin

This BTC-themed meeting is focusing on the newest start-ups and diverse issues, which they offer to solve in the system of BTC.

Security of BTC
Safekeeping strategies. Overview multi-signature accs, the storages as brain-wallets, cold wallets and etc. Presentation of Haskoin (a start-up in Dublin)

BTCs future
Flavien Charlon gives a review of the concept,, and how the BTC network is going to be utilized for storing and exchanging in property, currency, stocks, and etc

Technologies Based on Blockchain
The short overlook of the system’s opportunities, which have been offered as a solution for the BG Problem, which made BTC as the products implemented.

Speakers’ answers
The time has a limit. But people who are working on (or have a desire) startup ideas in the BTC system – just let our representatives know by email and we will give some timeslot.

Who are the speakers? Here’s the list:

Martin Codyre is a veteran of Wall Street. He gave his first presentation on BTC in 2012 in Dublin. He is a researcher and fascinated by cryptos right from the start in 2003.

Jean-Pierre Rupp is one of Haskoin’s CTO. Creating the new standard of Bitcoin’s security. In  2013 he discovered a vulnerability of BTC Android purse.

Flavien Charlon is Predictious’ CEO in Dublin. Before she worked on apps for mobiles, and started to work with Bitcoin right in 2012.

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Bitcoin Practical Workshop – What’s going on with the Exchanges?

A practical Bitcoin knowledge demo. The class will be based around demos of some common Bitcoin wallet, software and exchange services.

The material will cover:

  • How to generate a secure password? What’s entropy and why is it important? What’s a password manager?
  • How to sign up to an exchange?
  • What is an exchange? Why are the prices different on different exchanges? Which are the most common/liquid exchanges and factors to be aware of?
  • Which wallets are available/can I use to store coins?
  • How do I make paper backups/offline wallets?
  • What’s a BIP?
  • What’s cryptography and what’s it got to do with Bitcoin?
  • Practical financial considerations from a Bitcoin perspective such as trade accounting
  • What’s all the fuss about transaction malleability thats hitting the news?

Ronan Lynch will lead this class with the help of other community members. Thanks and looking forward to seeing you there.