Comparing Bitcoin in EU and Ireland

One of our aims of the website is to give Ireland the status of the country with good conditions for BTC firms. That’s why we’ll show the difference in EU countries’ regarding engaging international organizations and cultivating domestic crackajack. The biggest B-coin companies are in the UK, where there are more than 1,500 people in the conference group in London. Here the meetings are organized over the minute. The second country is Germany. Here bitcoin was announced as money at first. It doesn’t have the sense to compare IE with this area, as Ireland is a small country and we’ll try to show the difference with the similar countries which compete with IE especially in innovation boosting.

The survey showed up that 1 of 10 citizens can invest in cryptocurrency, this means that county is highly aware. The people here like all new so Finland is one of the first installing BTC ATMs. Its central bank tax the earnings but not the losses. A big bcoin exchange (LocalBitcoin) was set up here.

It was said by Financial Authority that it’s not necessary to get permission to open a trading platform in the country. Besides, it was confirmed that all the profits, and through crypto exchanging, are not taxable. Danish awareness is still low, so there are not so many exchanges. One exception is BIPS.

Social interest in Israel is high as a result of the high economics growth in the country. Spreading the popularity of BTC many communities and groups make lectures, conferences, and meetups, many exchanges offer their services of trading this crypto. There is a popular place where people can just talk about BTC – the Israeli Bitcoin Embassy. Besides the market grows with new-launched companies that become famous in the country and abroad.

A player who is struggling to gain weigh in EU is Holland. The popularity of b-coin is wide, so in the country, there are many shops accepting crypto. The Hague street counts over nine public places where b-coin is available. Also, it concerns the delivery service providing by nearly 5 thousand cafes and restaurants. Also, the banking system (3 of 4 banks) has the supporting attitude toward bitcoin payments. These institutions invited the group of experts to make presentations about BTC.  Dutch even offered the bcoin CEOs the offices and accounts in banks in case they want to move business to EU. Responding to this, BitPay is thinking of relocating the headquarters to the capital of the Netherlands.


Circle is one of the biggest operators. Its paying processors and cryptowallets will be launched soon. Projects such as BitWasp, Predictious, Haskoin, CoinPrism, and EirCoin are also well-known startups. Notwithstanding, there are many tech organizations with a poor reputation so somebody still thinks of b-coins as ponzi schemes. Unfortunately, it’s still low cooperation between the group and banking structures on the island.


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