BitcoinIreland inaugural meeting agenda

BitcoinIreland inaugural meeting – 31 Jan 2014, TCube Dublin

  1. Decide the name and objectives of the organization – eg.
    • Hosting Regular Events
    • Organizing international Bitcoin conference in Dublin in Summer/Autumn 2014
    • Promoting Bitcoin in Ireland
    • Promoting Ireland as a location for bitcoin and blockchain-based companies
    • Establishing a dedicated physical space in Dublin
  2. Decide a legal structure
  3. Decide on whether or not to affiliate with the Bitcoin Foundation and/or Global Bitcoin Alliance
  4. Establish membership levels and fees
  5. Establish any necessary working groups, eg.
    • Website
    • Events
    • Organizational Development, Fundraising
    • Public Advocacy, PR, Media relations
    • Public Policy, Regulatory
    • Engagement with EI, IDA
  6. Take up a collection (in coin) to fund setup
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